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My name is Taylor Andersen (she/her), and I'm a licensed clinical social worker and masters certified addiction professional. I'm passionate about helping adolescents and adults of all ages and identities learn how to cope with trauma and stress, manage anxiety, and overcome substance and behavioral addictions.

As a therapist, a social worker, and a human, I strive to be an ally to all those with marginalized identities. I believe therapy is political, and I oppose the “mental health industrial complex” that many providers are trained and operate within – a system that pathologizes mental suffering that is most often the result of systemic economic, political and cultural forces.  


I believe the recognition that we cannot separate the mind from the body, and we cannot separate a person from their environment, is a truth that reveals new pathways for understanding ourselves and deeper healing.  


Therapy is not a one-size-fits all approach, and I believe that the most valuable aspect of therapy is the connection between a client and their therapist. Every person’s story is unique, and I use a variety of holistic, collaborative and evidence-based therapy approaches tailored to your individual needs, with an emphasis on mindfulness based cognitive therapy and somatic healing.

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